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Student Placements

We work with two to three placement students each year, sometimes more depending on the length of each placement, the program the student is involved with, time of year and available supervisory staff. A great deal of excellent work is carried out by our placement students and SOY greatly values their contributions.

When should I apply to do a placement at SOY?

In general, for placements beginning in September, we encourage students to contact us in February and March of that year. We start scheduling interviews in late-March/early-April. We occasionally accept early summer placements (April to July), for which you may contact us in January.

What kinds of things do students get to do on placement at SOY?

Depending on your placement days, how you identify and your learning interests, there is a variety of tasks and responsibilities available to SOY students. In other words, we like to work with you to plan your placement and find activities that you’re excited about. Your placement may include any of the following:

  • group support
    • Support to groups and involvement with our various weekly group activities. Group work could include program planning, co-facilitation, guest speaker presentations, workshop design and presentation.
  • informal counselling
    • One-on-one support for individual youth who present issues during group or walk-ins. This could include housing/shelter referrals, sharing resources re: food security, safety, community information (e.g., LGBTQ and/or youth services, social activities, etc.).
  • community development activities
    • Taking on or developing projects that contribute to the SOY community in important and creative ways. Past activities have included helping with SOY H.E.A.T., reviewing evaluations and making recommendations, and running a homework club.
  • outreach and education
    • Participation in public presentations and/or community information fairs, such as schools, social work events, equity conferences, etc. Possible workshop facilitation, depending on level of interest and/or experience.

I am a SOY youth already. Can I still apply to do a student placement with SOY?

We do not recruit students who are currently involved in SOY programming. We don’t recruit current SOY youth for student placements so that we can all maintain clear roles and responsibilities, professional boundaries and privacy. We also want to make sure youth have access to the services they need.

Can non-LGBTQ people do a student placement at SOY?

While SOY does not exclusively recruit students from the LGBTQ community, we generally try to reserve these opportunities for students who are LGBTQ-identified as safer spaces can be limited in the broader social services field. Furthermore, we commit to providing a mentoring component to our work at all levels, which includes having staff, students and volunteers who identify with the lived experience of the youth we work with.

Do you take students from private colleges?

No. SOY only recruits students registered in programs at accredited public education institutions.