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Ageing Out

SOY is a program specifically for queer and trans spectrum youth. Folks attending SOY are youth participants until their 30th birthday. Once you turn 30, your involvement with SOY as a youth participant ends.

We are happy to talk with you about what not being a SOY youth anymore means. Some folks have been coming to SOY for a long time. Some folks have been super impacted by their time at SOY, regardless of how long they’ve been coming. We know that leaving or changing how you participate at SOY can cause lots of different feelings. There are many different ways to celebrate and honour your time at SOY, and we’ll help you with that.

After age 30, you may also want to become a volunteer at SOY and help other youth have a great experience. All volunteers must complete a volunteer application and go through a screening process with a SOY staff member.

We can help connect you with other groups too. For folks over 30, Sherbourne Health Centre and other community agencies have resources and programs for queer and trans spectrum people over 30.