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Tuesday May 13, 2014: Honouring Your Body's Wisdom with Kassandra Prus

In this sacred-space workshop, participants will take time to investigate how they see their own body and explore its wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Come improvise with me and begin to rediscover your own authentic, creative movement–all abilities welcome!

Tuesday May 20, 2014: Caring for Ourselves and Each Other through Lovingkindness and Compassion with John Pollard

In this presentation, through discussion and gentle exercises, we explore the tenderness of the awakened heart of compassion, and see what it has to teach us.

Tuesday May 27, 2014: Movement-Based Empathy Building with Kassandra Prus

In this sacred-space workshop, participants will take time to explore how we can empathetically connect to each other not only through words, but also through collectively improvised creative movement. All abilities welcome!

Facilitated by Adam Benn.
Contact 416-324-4100 x 5283 / abenn(at) for more details.

Essence is a youth-centred group where queer, trans and/or questioning youth gather to uncover, discover and recover our deeper selves.  Come learn, socialize and share wisdom through workshops, guest speakers and discussions about different non-denominational and queer-positive ideas and practicies of sprituality, faith and community.

Facilitator's Bio:
Adam is a black and queer activist, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He has had the privilege of working with youth in many communities across Toronto, including Malvern, Perth-Randolph, Davenport-Perth, Jane and Finch, Blake-Jones and Regent Park. Currently, he is working with LGBTTI2SAQQ youth in both the Black Queer Youth and Alphabet Soup groups at SOY.

Growing up, Adam was exposed and submersed in the Catholic and Lutheran faiths. Curiosity around uncovering the “truth” led to exploration of his spirituality through other faiths, such as Islam and Wicca. After completing his undergrad, he continued this exploration in England while working at a Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre. This exposure to multiple faiths and beliefs has allowed him to uncover different elements of spirituality, and learn more about himself as a person and as a human being. This diversity has taught him to view spirituality as a deeply personal and individual experience that is to be honoured and respected.

As a self-proclaimed “conflict worker”, Adam completed his Honours Bachelors of Art at McMaster University in Anthropology and Peace Studies. He is currently completing his Masters of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. His interests include reading, writing, movies, music, meditation and fitness. Adam is also Certified Personal Trainer

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